That about sums it up


That about sums it up for me!

I can honestly say that I go through it sometimes living the daily tra la la of life.   I see someone having a rough day or who is obviously upset about something. I want to reach out and just offer a smile. I might even offer an encouraging, “I hope your day gets better”. I can even send up a quick prayer or positive thought or something. But I don’t because I’m afraid or too wrapped up in my own funk.  

Hopefully, I will always notice those that are struggling. Hopefully, I’ll become a 100% encourager; every day I see someone hurting, every time. Even if I don’t speak, does it cost anything to say a prayer or I don’t know, send sprinkles of universal energy dusty things there way. 

I know that sometimes it’s hard for the people to relate to the addicted, or the overweight or the single mom who has 3 screaming kids in the middle of the grocery store. I know that  sometimes our life is like 3 screaming kids in the middle of the grocery store and one has a smelly diaper. But we can empathize can’t we?  Couldn’t we, even elbow deep in poop, just offer that knowing smile with understanding eye contact?

One rule I try and live by is…you reap what you sow. You so tomatoes you are gonna get tomatoes! You plant corn. You guessed it CORN! I know there are days, hours, Lord even seconds when I could use some understanding. So I’m going to plant it so I can get it!


Think about it with me as we face another day on this roller coaster we call life!



2 thoughts on “That about sums it up

  1. Gabbriel says:

    You hit it outta the park!!!! this is AWESOME ❤

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