Day trip to Brenham, Texas

ranch antiques Brenham Tx horses at antique store

Antique Store on Commerce Street


The Kid and I ventured out of our comfort zone for a fun-filled road trip to Brenham, Texas. Brenham is a city in east-central Texas in Washington County. As a point of reference, Blue Bell Ice Cream is made here.  YES samples please ~~! It’s the first time since moving to the Houston area that we actually went exploring. I think we both enjoyed the scenery on the way to our destination as well as the small town friendly feel when we arrived.

Using my Samsung Galaxy Notebook, I snapped and snapped until I thought I would run out of memory. Here are two shots of the majestic horses guarding the front entrance to the Ranch Antique Store on Commerce Street. I was sorry that one was closed. I did walk up and peep through the window at all the goodies and treasures hidden inside though.

As we strolled along the quiet streets, an overwhelming joy overtook me. I honestly couldn’t stop smile. The girl attributed it to another mom meltdown, shook her head and continued to snap pictures on her phone.  I beamed the peace and contentment that is usually only obtained after large amounts of chocolate ice cream.  Just kidding!  Uh, no I’m not I’m deadly serious about the chocolate ice cream.

Honestly it’s the first time since I’ve gotten to Texas that I had actually relaxed enough to find contentment in the moment.  After preaching to clients for 4 years to live in the here and now, I had an aha moment. This is what it’s about. Loving the simplicity of snippets of time spent  with friends or loved one. Enjoying the beauty and strength of a historic town;  Knowing that it has seen some amazing changes, but made it through as a testament of the past.

We may have some prolonged periods of uphill climbing, life situations that can overwhelm us or even money that we work hard for that doesn’t stretch far enough. But even then, is it really so hard to breath in and out, in and out…stop and enjoy some good old simplicity. What about the beautiful reds, purples, blues or whatever in the sky at sunset. What about that thunderstorm that blew up while you were grocery shopping? Have we forgotten how fun it is to dance in the rain. what about enjoying Sunday dinner after church with a few friends or family.

I tell you these are the moments of our living life. These ARE our precious treasures that we blog about, thing about when times are tough or tell everyone who will listen at work or on Face Book. I rediscovered it today! That fast. Plain and simple.

This goes to show you that you can be indoctrinated in a thing, preach it until your blue in the face, help those around you break from lifetime addictions, and never ever apply it to your life.  Thank you God for that beautiful present. And thank you for being able to smile and laugh like a fool and not caring who saw me or what they whispered when I walked by.

I didn’t notice ( I really never notice the naysayers anyway). But the point is, it was me and the girl! Just us enjoying all that Brenham had to offer us on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

Won’t you please take the time to have a here and now reality check? Enjoy the little triumphs and treasures. They make the difficult season to come livable! 


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