The Joy of new life

baby feet

Hello everyone!

My bestie, who lives in Callie, was expecting a new addition to her Yayadom. The baby was supposed to be born on or around September 8, 2013. Being the best Yaya ever, she purchased a ticket to be on the east coast for the baby’s birth. She was due to fly out today, September 1st and expected to have plenty of time with her son and his wife before the joyous day arrived.

Wrong! Enter Newton’s law. Last night as I played an intense game of candy crush, I get a frantic message on the Facebook IM. Yaya alert! The water has broken, I can’t get a flight, and I’m freaking out.

Before I knew it 8 of her closest friends joined together to rally, pray, cry, laugh and generally carry her through this moment because she was not going to make it to the east in time. We took turns encouraging her as she posted updates from her son who was front and center in this hoopla of activity.  My Yaya friend is a naturalist all the way. She was to be front and center helping this new mom through the whole natural birth process.

I know what you are thinking…At least I know what the heck I’m thinking….SEDATION! Can I get an AMEN…but not my Yaya girl…she’s had 8 and I believe most were natural. Not my cuppa but okay…go girl. I know that she was with her oldest as she had a water birth with her second child. That’s how they roll.

There were some very scary moments as “son” called stating that they wanted to “push her labor along with drugs”. Then they wanted to do a C section. Then it was all kindza crazy as this doctor was imposing how she wanted the birth process to go. That in and of itself was just a crazy time at 1:00 am CST. Let me tell you that all the mamas and Yayas joined hearts across the miles and began to pray this baby into our world! We prayed for peace, we prayed for safety for mama and baby and that dad would stand as the head of his family and take charge. Fingers flew on keyboards all across this great country as we called on the name of our God and declared His word!

It was the most amazing thing I have EVER experienced in my LIFE! The living application of the Word of God that says, Hey no matter what, there is no distance in prayer! God showed up and as usual, HE showed off!

He brought the most precious and perfect baby into this world. Just a bundle of peace! Mom is healthy, baby is healthy and dad has been cheesing for 12 or more hours.

He also arranged from my Yaya friend to get back to the East coast early this morning and as I write she informs me that she is rocking that precious bundle of joy while the parents get some much deserved sleep!

God IS Great and He is always in control even when we think He is not. He touched more hearts and knitted deeper commitments last night than if she had witnessed the birth firsthand. And the 8 of us were just as committed and just as engaged in the actual process of it all then anyone would ever know or imagine.


5 thoughts on “The Joy of new life

  1. Gabriel says:

    Yaya is humbled…..

  2. Erica says:

    Awwwww, that was incredible Barb. Would have loved to be apart of all that love. Incredible!!!

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