Are we too spooky?

  scared girls

Have you ever heard someone say that a person is so spiritually minded that they are no earthly good?

What does that look like to you? Is it the person who takes everything in life so literally? What if Jesus came down in a flaming ball of glory and threw a mountain into the sea, would they have some spiritual implication that explains away the reality that it really happened?

I can hear it now in my head.

“Well, you know Jesus and the fire says you know like he is righteously angry and you know the glory well it’s just so significant to the days and times. And that mountain brother, well that’s this sin or that situation or Sister Suzie from the mountain dweller tribe…you know she’s a bad influence on this and that. And Jesus just throwing it is like you know throw it away swoosh, just go mountain…you are so bad.”

Here is the nice fluffy Jesus is Love interpretation

“Well Jesus is love and love is a consuming fire burning away everything. The glory ball is the presence of the Holy Spirit doing the work in us. The mountain represents our own mind and how we think it’s too big for God to do and whoooooshhh He throws it away”

Then I think, HUH?

Do we get so spiritual that anything and everything is a sign for this or that? If you spend the time trying to figure out what they are saying and you come up with an interpretation, they just come back with something that is irrelevant to the whole conversation that you started with.

Confusing? YES IT IS!

That’s way I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions lately. We want answers and trust me we can get the right answers. Why then do we hide behind the mumbo jumbo of what is happening? I love people. I don’t want to see them hurt unnecessarily, but at the same time the group that is supposed to be helping is driving those hurting away!

When was the last time you invited someone to come to church and they just gave you some excuse that you knew wasn’t true. It’s because the super spirituals have driven people away by the thousands. And the only church growth is just the saved moving from church to church when they hear a part of the Word they don’t like. Where is our relevance to the days and times?

Trust me, I can look in the mirror and on certain days I see flaky, nutty and fruity. So I am talking to myself as well as asking questions at the same time because of the “church folk” I’m encountering in conversations and on blogs etc. I’m not pointing figures at anyone but myself, but I want change. I want to bring every hurting, addicted, lonely, broken and everything in-between to the reality of a savior that actually saves sets free and delivers. Even the church folk that feel they have all the answers but really didn’t know the original questions.

Here’s the next logical step for me in my search.

salt and light

Where are those that are the salty dogs? Where are the light bringers? Where are the true prophets of God, where are the teachers, the evangelists, the body of Christ that is supposed to be holding the ground UNTIL Jesus’ returns. Where are the prayer warriors, the ones who cry out day and night for the healing and miracles that are supposed to be following every one of us? Where are the watchers on the wall crying out and sounding the alarm?

W H E R E    ARE    THEY?

We are at the end of this road and the end of an age and it’s time to pick a side and become relevant. Let’s make people thirsty for more of the One we Love with everything we have in us! Let’s become that voice crying out for people to come drink from the living water and never thirst again. Let’s kill ourselves and our own agendas and in the process let the Christ who lives in us shine for a dying world.

Let’s start praying some dangerous prayers. A very dear friend and mentor of mine has been seeding this in our hearts for weeks. My prayer has become God; don’t let me sleep until I seek you for more. God, I want your face! I want that fellowship. I want to know you and be totally broken by what breaks you. Those prayers. That hunger. This desperation.

Life has NOT been easy since I started praying this. I have seen miracles in my life and my kiddo’s life. Now she is starting to say, God scare me so badly with you that I can no longer be the same kiddo. She is fighting her own battles of identity too! But we are praying and I don’t think we are going to be disappointed.

I don’t want to be so freaking spiritual that I can’t help a guy get a cup of coffee or a happy meal. I don’t want the lady that approaches me out of nowhere to feel like my time is too valuable for her. I don’t want the teenager at the pool to think that I’m not trying to understand why she dyed her hair green. I want to make a difference because Jesus made a difference in me.

Whatdaya say? Feedback please. Am I alone in this quest of desperation?consuming fire

Until next time my passion peeps!


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