When I look back on the road that I have traveled, I rejoice at the choices that brought me to where I am today. I’ve packed up and moved my household 5 times in my life. Twice we moved to Gastonia NC and then back to Baltimore, MD. We just traveled cross-country from Baltimore to an area right above Houston, TX.

Each time I would choose the things most precious to me and pack them carefully up for the trip. After settling into my space, reverently unpacking my few treasures and displaying them for all to see.  That way anyone who enters can see a part of me and what I treasure most. I can point and say, “This is what I value, this is who I am”.

My treasures are told in pictures of “Fats” my great grandma and her husband, to my dad on his high school swim team, and my mom as a little girl dressed to the nines in her Sunday best. I have all of my children from newborn up to present day. The grandbabe needs some updated pictures because she has grown so much in the two months since I left.   My two brothers and my baby sis and all of their families.

When I walk into my house I see those pictures and remember  who I’ve come from and who I am evolving into. That good, honest, hard working American immigrant stock that has stood the test of time here; each generation expanding and staking their claim in the American dream. Fortunes made, lost and made again. Love that stood the test of time and love that was selfish and self destructive.  Brothers on the ins one minute and then fighting tooth and nail the next. Cousins who were my first best friends, but who have grown distant from me in the past decades.

This is who I am;


 A product of generations past, melded by the love of family, this blessed country and my God. Without the family, I have no history, tradition or personal value system. Without this great country I have no freedom or identity. I have no ease to pursue the dreams that I hold for self and family. Without God I am nothing at all but so much dust. ALL parts make me the beautiful, talented, caring and creative woman that I am. Mom, Grammie, friend, confidant, counselor, disciple, teacher, comedian and on and on the list goes. Lest I forget, Passionista perfecto.  God forbid!

All of these things, all of these events have made me me! I wouldn’t trade one bad mistake, one wrong choice in the love department, one adventure (or misadventure depending on who you ask!) my education, my triumphs and tests…all of it has made me into this woman that stands before declaring her spin on life. I can honestly say that from where I sit today, life IS good and I am Blessed and Highly Favored.

tia'!barbara at reunion

Love until next timepassionista


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