Welcome fall welcome change

fall tree orange

When we lived in Maryland (which was most of our lives, really) we enjoyed and reveled in 4 very different and distinct seasons.  They could last longer or be shorter but you knew you would experience the joy that each season had to offer. As I feast on memories of fall past and peruse internet images of red, orange yellow and gold, here is a life’s worth of reflection in a few short paragraphs.

Spring brought beautiful new beginning. The delicious and sweet smell of honeysuckle beginning to bloom or dandelions bursting through grass beginning to take on a million shades of green. We couldn’t wait to wear our shorts and flip flops. We would run around as if summer had already kissed our hair with golden highlights listening to mothers yelling that we were going to catch our deaths because it wasn’t summer yet.


 It was a time or rebirth in our world. People began to roll their windows down driving to work, music would blare out as they sang to their favorite songs and rode on by.  People came outside again after long months of hibernation because of a frosty winter season. Life simply started where it has left off in fall and the world was alive again.

Then, there was glorious summer kicked off with Memorial Day weekends and cookouts and family gatherings.  With it, June brought trips to Ocean City, Maryland where you would eat Thrashers French fries with vinegar or salt water taffy. We strolled the boardwalk without a care in this world.  Everyone headed to the beach or the pool in the morning time enjoying all the splendor of 90 degree weather at the beach.


Some of my glorious summer memories included surf fishing on Assateague Island and catching sand crabs with bare hands. The little fellows tickled your palms as they would try to scurry back to the sand where they lived. Wild ponies would claim the beach as we splashed and crashed in the turbulent surf attacking the beach with determination. Sand castles and moats would melt, besieged as the ocean took back sand it had given up at low tide.

All too quickly it was back to school with Labor Day weekend declaring loudly that summer had officially ended and fall was well on its way. The new beginnings of the school season started with preparations for winter’s furious blast. Oh but before that, autumn arrives with grace and beauty clothed in vibrant shades of red, yellow, gold and brown, rich with living color as the world prepares for the long dark of winter.

We would load the kids up for trips to the pumpkin patch where everyone picked their favorites to display on porches or in windows.  Apple cider and caramel apples where the treats of the season. Oh, and everything pumpkin was sold by every store, fast food joint and restaurant…my personal fave being pumpkin cheesecake.


The best part of the season being those crisp, fresh nights where you could sleep with the window open and smell the clean fresh scent of winters approach. And how about the bonfires or fireplaces where you could smell that glorious aroma of wood burning….ohhhhh yes! Fall was the beginning of change in the world and brought preparation for the harrows of winter’s long and dark shadow.

Finally when all the color had drained from the trees and the grasses were dead and brown, a beautiful white blanket would cover all the ugliness left barren by winter’s deadly fingers. And the white would clothe the sleeping world in a tapestry of white and more white, shining and gleaming in our frozen world.


We couldn’t wait to make footprints all through the snow changing the flawless blankets to muddied puddles of muck.  Snowball fights and sleigh rides would end with mom sending us into steaming tubs and fluffy towels. She would then serve piping hot bowls of Campbell’s chicken noodle or rice soup. Oh those memories are still fresh and still bring a smile to my face. Those were the times when we didn’t have a care in this world. Where childhood bloomed with all the innocence and hope that it could birth in our little hearts.

Enjoy my trip down memory lane as you begin to reflect on your own.

Until next time everyone!


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