Remain Positive no matter what!


I had the honor of doing some addiction groups in Baltimore while at home for the Christmas holiday break. I love working with people who are still struggling with addiction. I know that being humble and thankful helped me overcome a wicked drug addiction, and I love sharing that every chance I get.

The first day I get there, the receptionist shared that one of the clients’ had O.D’d the night before. As is usually the case, the rumors burned through the recovery center like wild fire. When the announcement came during the group session, the clients’ sat in shock.

Many shared memories of the deceased, others sat grieving and one client moved to the back of the room to pray.  I left him alone, finding out later that they were close and shared the same religious affiliation.  One client shared that he had been concerned about the client weeks before and approached him about it. They discussed it and he had seemed to have resolved his issues.

heroin and needle

In fact, the gentleman sharing stated that the client had been really upbeat and happy the day he passed. They were supposed to go shopping that because the deceased had money and he didn’t want to go out alone. Unfortunately, the call to go never came; the next day the tragic news.

Although we can go through and analyze tons of scenarios, I want to focus on just one aspect of this:


One minute all is well with the world and then, everything changes within a blink of an eye. Whether it changes for the good or the bad, it doesn’t take long to change everything. And the one thing that every person in this world can count on is that very thing: Change!

The tides change, the seasons change, the world revolves on its axis and life changes. Every second of every minute of every day. While we cannot be prepared for everything, we can enjoy everything that happens to us. We CAN choose to go through it with a good attitude, with a smile or with a song.

It’s our choice to face life with the feelings that we project to the world. It’s not always good, but a positive attitude can help you get through it, dissolve your stress and keep other illnesses away from you.

After all, we can’t really do one positive thing by worrying about a negative situation or even a situation that we don’t fully understand. Choose instead to try your best to stay positive. IF you can’t do it ALL the time, that’s okay too. The key is not to beat yourself up when you can’t be celebrate the times that you CAN. That in and of itself is a game changer.

I’m making a firm commitment to stay positive no matter what comes my way. I am going to make an effort to view things from a different point of view other than a negative Nelly view.

Have a joyous and prosperous New Year My Friends until we meet again.




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