Thank God for New Beginnings

new-beginnings end

Here we are again; a new year a fresh  start! Many a New Year’s Eve, people around the world swears off old things or behaviors and makes the commitment to start a fresh in the morning. I say, well done! Without a game plan or a destination, how would you know when you win or arrive?

Our past is the foundation on which our lives are built. Sometimes, though, we need to pull out the bad pieces and “firm up” our foundation with new knowledge or new experiences. In other words, “Out with the old and in with the new”. This is another New Year’s phrase that we are all familiar with.

I believe, and trust me, this is my revelation, that because so many people vow to start afresh on January 1 of any given year, that there may be some kind of “something extra”. No magic, no hocus pocus, not even the hokie pokie. Why is it that others throughout time have chosen the New Year to start over? Why have we all tried to start a new job, project, diet then?

Is it because instinctively we know that this time of year is special? I feel in my heart that it is a time for a fresh start. I know what you are thinking. Why do so many people fail then? How about lack of discipline! Come on! You know I’m right.

We’ve all started the race and the enthusiasm of the race carries us only so far. In my own instance, it’s my lack of discipline that sees me though and I give up. What about stamina? Even a certain amount of endurance? We all want those wash board abs but do we want to eat right, exercise vigorously and do the other things we need to do to get them. I say no!

Up until now, passion has carried me. That is only part of it for me. I give in too easily when things start to require more than I’ve ever given. When things become hard, I tuck my tail and run.

But hey, we all fall off our proverbial wagons, boy o. We give up. We all do.

ride the wave

Now…time to buckle up, lace up the boot straps and put on your big person panties. Let ride the wave as far as our initial passion carries us and then jump right in with the discipline. If you fall off the wave, catch the next on. Keep jumping waves until you hit the beach.

Don’t give up, because that’s the worst thing you could do. Look at Einstein and other great inventors. If they would have given up at the first failure we wouldn’t have the light bulb and other great discoveries.

Another important thing for us to do is to keep renewing and adjusting our goals. If you have to do it daily, weekly or even monthly do it. Things are ever changing and that is all we can count on really. Don’t frustrate yourself with an outdated goal.

Let me know if this post has helped you at all. Give us some feedback. And remember… Passion is a POWERFUL force.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.– King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition



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