another year has passed.

Yes I’m still alive and passionate as ever!  Life happens around us so fast it’s hard to keep a steady pace of all the things that I’m dreaming of.

So I’ve got my recovery site launched and the address is as follows

If you are struggling with anything that is addiction related stop by and see what’s up.  I will be blogging for that website as well.

Don’t know if I ever mentioned it before but just to make it perfectly clear…

I LOVE THE FREAKIN SNOW. Here is a picture of me passionately dancing and singing as the snow falls all around. I’m hoping for one more good snowfall before spring. lol

IMG_0602My co workers are NOT happy with me. The love to bask in the glorious rays of the sun.

Not me I love it cold burrrrrrr.

Jack Frost is a personal friend.

Well enjoy your life passionately!

more from me later.



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