Just words on a Page???

pen and paper

Words Words everywhere and nothing I can say

Sometimes it seems like I could write for days and never get it everything out of my brain. Other days, it’s like trying to slay a dragon with a toothpick. I love words and I love to write. I also love to encourage people because I know that words contain power! They can build us up or rip us into shreds. It depends on the speaker and the intent.

Thus, the reason for this blog and this post today. I BELIEVE in people. I want to wrap you up in the comfort of my words and my positive thoughts and blessing to each one of you. We all have rough days when we look in the mirror and say to ourselves, “what’s the point? I’m going back to bed.”  BUT listen to what I’m saying. In reality, several of us feel that way!  It’s the discipline of knowing that our families, friends, employers, clients etc depend on us pulling ourselves together, smearing the war paint on our faces and rolling out the door.

Trust me –there is ALWAYS coffee in my hand. It is a valued substance that makes the morning perfect. I sit at the computer and I say to myself, “I’m okay, let’s help someone”. No, it’s not the coffee making me feel that way. Nice try!  It is the inherent belief that as a community of people, we should encourage one another. We shouldn’t be so self absorbed that we can’t say, Dude, it’s gonna be okay.  Just keep moving forward.

Despite whatever is or isn’t working for me today, Life is good. I don’t have it as easy as I would like at this point in my life, but it’s not as bad as others who are struggling right now. I have the grace of the Lord to be able to look back at where I started this love and passion walk 13 years ago and say honestly that there has been progress! Bless God!  It’s been the steady –try, succeed, try, do a face plant, cry, pray, get up walk. Then walk and walk and fall and fall, oh here I go off the cliff or into obscurity and then moving on again and again.  It’s been a loving God, a patient savior who paid the price for ALL of my mistakes, the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit and then ongoing journey.

To think you are NOT going to stumble or make mistakes is ludicrous! It’s insane. Give yourself a break right now. Take a time out RIGHT NOW wherever you are on this journey. If you are on track, take a minute to say thank you! If it seems like you somehow slipped to the wayside, stop, breath and ask for direction. You can even analyze where you went wrong, if you can quiet your mind. Don’t allow yourself any time for self-loathing or self-hatred for getting it wrong or missing the mark. Do we beat the babies when they are learning how to walk and they stumble and fall? That’s just crazy right? So why do we beat ourselves and others up for making simple mistakes in the learning processes of life?

Life is a journey of learning what works for us and what doesn’t!  We have a loving Father, who sacrificed His own for a world gone wacky.  His own never once put conditions out there for us before he did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves. We ARE LOVED unconditionally from before time even started through eternity in future.  That is so very powerful.  So really, what right do we have to hate ourselves? We need to get up and get moving. Shake off the dust and get moving. If you need a minute to regroup, then regroup. Breathe, but get started again.

I’ve said this before, if you are lonely and need a friend, find someone else and be a friend to them. If you are going through financial hardship, sow a seed to someone who is in worse shape than you. How many times have you found yourself needing help moving or rearranging the furniture, no one takes your calls or commits to help? Have you been available for people who were moving or needed help?  Don’t just go to someone’s house for the cook out or the football game, go when they need help.

Then, you will begin to see answers to the things that are needed in your life. Sow a seed, water it and let God bring the harvest. It’s a simple principle that every person that has gardened can tell you. If you never plant a seed you will absolutely never get a harvest.  NEVER. There is a great miracle in every seed. It has the ability to reproduce that which it has come from. Wow chew on that one!

I’m just saying, give God something to work with. Say a prayer, make a positive declaration, be a friend, be a giver of yourself and your substance, love the unlovable, help those that are too shell shocked to help themselves. Smile, laugh out loud! Love the hand that you have been dealt. If it’s not a good hand, throw some cards in and get some new cards. OR my favorite is to bluff until I win. Keep a straight face in times of adversity. Choose those moments of intense pain, to say thank you Father that I am not alone nor do I face this challenge and pain without a source of inspiration!

Remember that this too shall pass!

Love and hugs kiddos!



Best Believe it

5 things to remind yourself

Wow! Say this over and over. Who will you believe more than yourself.

You ARE amazing!

You can do ANYTHING

Positivity is a choice that only you can make.

If you don’t Celebrate your Individuality and your differences, no one else will either!

You are prepared to succeed, you are succeeding even now! YOU are a success.

Here is your shot of life and Passion. Think about it. Print it out and hang it on the bathroom mirror in your work space and even in the clothes drawer. Say it over and over until it becomes the anthem that carries you through the dark places and scary spaces!


Enjoy my Friends!

Words Words everywhere…

What we say matters.

I’ve heard this phrase my entire life. Words are containers for the good or the bad. What do you think?

Please feel free to add your comments.

So you have voted on the blog and have reviewed what other people thought. Now let’s look at it this way.


How does this picture make you feel when you look at it?

abusive words alot

Can you identify in any way with the young lady in the picture? Ask yourself,” what do I think when I look at this? “ Does it trigger something in me, either for the good or bad?

Let’s take a look at this picture of a little boy.

abusive words

I want you to take a minute and process this. When you were in grade school, were you bullied? Did a teacher, a friend, a bully or a

family member make similar statements or declarations of your life?   Were you the bully that picked on other kids? If so do you ever think about that
person. Do you ever want to go back and make amends? I say this because I remember being so mean and ugly to a young girl I went to
grade school with. I was mean as a snake to her and now I think about it when I look at my own 13 year old who struggles with her own style and identity.

She’s been bullied. She has been told she is ugly, fat, weird, strange, she’s been called a lot of things. I used to demand that she tell me. And she did. For a time.
But when I would cry and hold her, she would say, “mom it bothers you way more than me, stop crying. I’ll be okay.” My precious bullied child was worried that I was crying.

No regard for herself.

Eventually, when I would ask what was wrong, she’d say oh nothing. I’m just bored. I’ve learned that those 3 words mean that her world is not the best today and
I try harder to show my love and encouragement in any way I can. Friends, as I’ve shared regularly in this blog, I’m very passionate. Trust me, I’ve
talked to the police at the school. (Yes Baltimore County, Maryland schools have officers assigned to the schools- but that is another blog or series of blogs left for
another day.) I’ve talked to teachers, principles, vice principles, special ed, other parents and at times the flipping janitor if I thought they could help protect my
Same response…well she has to tell us who the kids are and then we can stop it… Again, blog series, many many many blogs trying to understand how a child who
is already struggling, targeted as the odd kid, and trying to walk around unseen is going to point out the bully is beyond my comprehension.
Get the picture of the negative word spoken at, to, around, or about someone. Do you think if you could go back an answer the poll your answers would be
Here is our next spin…are you still with me?

creative words

What if someone spoke the following list of words over you every morning when you got ready to go about your day?
What if before you went to bed, you read the list to yourself making it personal for you? Do you think it would have any impact on your life in any way?

Take a minute to read the words and apply them to you personally. Hey while your at it, add some words that apply to you that are NOT listed here.
Hey why don’t you go ahead and write your own list. Who knows you better than you do. As I’ve stated before, no one can do you better than you can. ~~

Do you feel any difference? I know I feel a lot better about being me just reading it.

I know you are asking yourself, “What IS this woman’s point It’s to bring focus on how important words are to me and to you.

It’s just an exercise to teach us all that even the words that we don’t realize we may say matter! I’m human. I know what it means to hurt by someone’s criticisms

and initial judgments. I also know what a kind word spoken at the right time can do for my perspective.

So how about it? What do you think about words now!
Oh, by the way, if no one’s told you today…

you rock