I need a case of Kleenex

weeping may endure

Wow did I need this scripture the last few days. I think I was crying so often that tissue stocks rose 10%. I had no clue what was going on…Did I need more sleep, more coffee, less sleep…a right hook to the jaw…WHAT!!!!

Somehow this was not fitting in with all the great and positive things happening in my world. My kiddo loved her new school and had made friends! We relocated to Texas 2 months ago and WE LOVE IT! All my bills are paid, the pantry is stacked to the top and everyone in our world is as good as it gets. So what’s the deal God?

I truly believe that we all just have those days. Nothings really wrong with us, but being sensitive to those around us we pick something up. As a passion junkie, you pick things up from others, especially if “my ears are on”. That means that because I deal with counseling people, sometimes the non-verbal stimulus is picked up and sent to passion central; even when I’m not looking for it.

What do you do then?  I pray. And I mean seriously pray. I want to be available for those that I come in contact with everyday. That means the lady that is behind me at the market, the kids at the pool, people in my professional world; that means everybody that has a pulse and is breathing. I don’t want to have something register in the passion radar and keep walking.  Like I’ve posted before, we may be the only kind word that someone receives in their day.

My kiddo has had issues with depression and feeling like she doesn’t fit in. Let me tell you the passionista had to learn some new tricks. Passionate people tend to overwhelm the faint of heart. As a sensitive soul, I had to tone it way down so she could hear what I was saying. (That’s a trick they taught us in college.) It works too. All kidding aside, really listening and perceiving the verbal and non-verbal communication is imperative to make that connection and to really reach folks.

So here I sit, churning out the love at 12:40 am. Wide awake, by the way. Passion demands all of you and it’s a price I’m still learning to pay. If I were you, I’d contact my broker and take some stock options  in tissues. Good night. 😛