All I can do is cry

prayer and tears

Sometimes, all I can do is cry!

Something touches my heart or I am praying for others and no words can express what I am thinking and feeling. I know that my God honors that. I know that no matter what the prayer, He hears me. Psalms 56:8 states that He knows all of our wonderings; they are in His book along with every tear I’ve cried.

I am okay with the waterworks now. It wasn’t always like that. I was ashamed to cry in front of others, especially at church. Over the years, as I learned to yield to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, it became easier. I know that He was just tenderizing my heart in His presence; replacing the heart that had become jaded in my years of drug addiction and living on the street.  He gently and purposefully chipped away at me until I was sensitive to some of the things that touched HIS HEART!

And now, sometimes, all I can do is cry!

Like tonight as I looked over the squares I had drawn in my notebook. Each filled with a specific prayer request that needed to be lifted up to the Lord. Private things, personal things, some ministry needs among other things. I became overwhelmed and the tears covered the page. I covered those boxes with my hands and just poured out. There were no words, there was not a coherent syllable was uttered for quite some time. But my Father knew what each needed and I believe that He used what I could offer to move in each circumstance.

Simply because He is God and He honors our tears.


weeping may endure

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalms 30:5 ~~ Weeping may endure for the night BUT joy comes in the morning. No matter what we face in our darkest times, no matter the battle, the struggle or hopelessness, JOY will BREAK THROUGH with the LIGHT or the SON! No matter how you say it, the light brings relief from all of the darkness that we face.

We are not without weapons: tears, prayers, praise, worship, dancing, singing, speaking in tongues, declaring the Word of God, thanksgiving…WHATEVER IT IS USE IT!

Like with me, sometimes all I can do is cry.

Until next post, be Passionate in all you do!